Isidore's Quarry Beta Intro

Isidore's Quarry is a story based, 2D, point and click, puzzle game. It takes place post technological wasteland where a blissfully complacent society awaits each season’s harvest of new electronics devices. It’s a dark-ish comedy where the narrator is in constant disagreement with the main character as Isidore ventures out of his village to discover what happens to the smartboxes after they are unwanted.

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The Electronic Waste Problem

Electronic waste is one of the world's fastest growing problems. It is not safe to be thrown away in landfills and when it is recycled, it is all too often sent overseas to be recycled by people who do not have access to safety gear and safety regulations to protect them from electronic waste hazardous properties. Some of these chronic symptoms from exposure includes learning disabilities, neurological disorders, seizures, lung cancer, kidney damage, anemia, nephropathy, and nephrotic syndrome. People do not have to suffer and die so the developed world can advance in technology. One solution for consumers is to demand more ethical and sustainable production of our electronics. The solution our game is focusing on is for electronic waste to be recycled with companies that do their work locally and safely. 

Where to find responsible recycle-rs near you:

R2 Certified

E-steward Certified

If you are in the Los Angeles Area we would suggest our partner, Isidore Electronic Recycling  

Isidore Electronic Recycling